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I checked into one of my many mobile apps last night and it informed me it was my fourth night in a row at a bar. Umm… at least two were work-related? And, inside scoop, last night I only drank a Coke. BUT on Tuesday, I did drink beer with my ZogSports volleyball team.

In case you’ve been wondering how my team is doing… Well, I don’t *think* we’re going to make the playoffs. But I do think we have a chance for best team spirit!

So after the game on Tuesday we went to the nearby bar where ZogSports sponsors a happy hour. Pitchers were $13, not bad, so we got a few as well as some appetizers (I saw tater tots come out of the kitchen and was like HEY). Anyway, I won’t lie – the happy hour turned out to be way more fun than the actual games. It’s nice getting to know new people and laughing so hard the team next to you tells you to pipe down. Maybe cause they beat us. :). While at the bar, I suggested we play a game. I was actually thinking a “get to know you” game since I’m new to the team but next thing I knew, we were playing flip cup. First time since college? Maybe. Did my team win three times in a row? Definitely.

I love ZogSports.

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I got the wrong socks.

So… ZogSports approached me to participate in a sport this fall (I chose volleyball, duh) because of this little blog here and they waived my registration fee. Awesome! I guess you can say this is my very first sponsored post. *SPONSORED POST EVERYONE* But, it doesn’t really matter because I’ve done Zog once before and I lurbed it so I knew I would lurb it again, so it doesn’t make it hard to talk about.

But, I got the wrong socks.

SO the team I was assigned to has played together before and they have so much team spirit they got special tshirts with the team name and special socks from American Apparel. So yesterday on my lunch I went to American Apparel and picked out the socks that said “Royal Blue.” Well… then I got to the game (after a bunch of glasses of wine at The Dutch, not to mention) and I saw that everyone is wearing WHITE socks with royal blue STRIPES. Not me, though! Of course I made a joke about it and everyone laughed and of course I’m going to wear the dang socks every game anyway, because it’s hilarious. At least it’s the right idea and not hot pink or sparkly gold stars. So that’s that.

My team itself… is not good. There’s no sense in hiding it. BUT I will say that we approved 200% from our first game to our last game last night so I think there may be hope! And my team is fun, which is what’s important and I’m sure we WILL win a game eventually. We’re going to go to some happy hours after the regular season starts so I’m pretty excited about that. Royal blue socks and all.

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I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian (obviously, if you’ve ever read this blog, haha). But sometimes, vegan is the only way to go.

Muffins. I don’t have them often, they’re a treat. I have yet to get a banana muffin (they call them banana cupcakes) from The Adore with their fabulous hot chocolate (best in the city!) but I have found a blueberry muffin that I really like.

And it’s vegan.

vegan muffin

It’s from Body and Soul, a little stand that’s at the Union Square Greenmarket on Mondays and Fridays.

It’s so good. It’s light and fluffy and delicious. I tried to have a “regular” non-vegan muffin after trying one of these and it was just too much. So heavy! So now it’s strictly vegan muffins for me – with The Adore banana cupcakes the only exception, of course.

I had a very non-vegan meal last night at Duke’s – a Sportsbar in Manhattan. I watched some of the Yankees game with some of the members of my ZogSports volleyball team. It was a good time, especially since we won our volleyball match! After that I went home and tried on my Halloween costume because I finally got all of the pieces together. I cannot WAIT to wear it out! I look crazy. Be excited…

Happy Halloween! Be safe, everyone!

Maybe I’ll post a teaser of my costume over the weekend… ;)

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