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You know when you see a face and it just makes you smile? Well this is my love letter to you, Kelly Purkey, because when I was just going through my pictures and came to this one that is what happened to me. Love this girl.

Saturday we had a date day that started with brunch at Freemans, followed by some scrapbook action, followed by nap time, followed by Shake Shack in Times Square and then Blue Valentine. As you can imagine, we ended on a high note with that movie. A high, depressing note that makes us reevaluate what kind of relationships we want to be in (if any). Outside of each other, I mean. ;)

This is the fall vegetable hash. I love hash for brunch. Some veggies, some potato, and some egg. Mmm mmm mm. And did I know that I was into brussels sprouts? No, but now I do. So that was fab. And it was only $10 making it officially the cheapest brunch I’ve ever had with Kelly Purkey, except for the one time it was free (we got the hookup sometimes, we do).

And here is KP again. You may think she’s thinking, “What the what?” but she actually knows exactly what’s going on here.

Another fun fact: I love Freemans and the only other time I’ve been was for dinner on a then-very-promising first date. Oh, how we (re: me) get excited about things and they crumble so fast. Ah well. Thought that would be an interesting fun fact for you. So Freemans is good for any date, but they’re especially good for dates with Kelly Purkey.

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